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Eat Right Feel Great

The 3 S Diet is not just a weight loss program, but also a diet designed to help you feel young again.
By changing the way you eat, being aware of what is good for you and what is bad for you, curing yourself from all food addictions, and giving you body a chance to recover from years of abuse, you will not only get back in shape but you will also avoid a lot of potential diseases caused by malnutrition, toxins and excess weight.
Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive or unappealing, eating healthy is quite the opposite, by being selective, you actually eat less and save on quantity to add on quality, you will just use the same budget but the right way. Try it and go to your usual supermarket, you will actually spend less because you will not spend money on junk, and the usual supermarket has mostly junk, so instead of spending a load of money on things that make you feel hopeless, plus things that you have to eat on the side to convince yourself that you are doing the right thing, you will only spend your money on things that are really good for you eliminating the expenses to buy what is actually killing you slowly.
Healthy food is by definition tastier, because it is the real food no poisons added no processing and no faking, it is the real deal. Healthy food is satisfying, so you don’t have to keep eating to feel satisfied, you don’t keep thinking about food because it is not addictive, and you only eat when you are hungry, and by doing that you eat less.
Have you ever eaten a fast food burger after it was cold? it is disgusting, isn’t it?. Don’t you thing that if it is  that bad cold , when it was warm it was good just by illusion, just because you are addicted to what ever poison they put in it, just to make you eat more and more all the time?
A healthy food is good cooked or raw, cold or warm, because it is made from real natural ingredients, and is not intended to make you dependent or addicted.
So what do you think? healthy is better, right?


Day 27 in the water fast. You know what is crazy? the days are flying, it is been a tough, challenging, hard and painful experience for my husband, but it is going fast enough, we can’t believe he is few days away from reaching a goal that looked impossible at the beginning, and now he is getting closer to the end.
Today was a regular day, no special complains, but we are hopping for better days.

My Secret Ingredient

As i already discussed , the 3 S Diet is simply a healthy balanced diet that involves healthy rich ingredients and a positive attitude.
-Shake for breakfast,
-Salad at lunch,
-Soup for dinner.
But my secret ingredient is what made me lose weight faster, heal and feel great.
It is Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic and Raw, this powerful and yet simple liquid has countless benefits, no matter what your health issue is, Apple Cider Vinegar can help you heal it and even cure it.
There is a post about Apple Cider Vinegar in my blog, under what is good for you, check it out it is worth reading. Just as a reminder of what can Apple Cider Vinegar do for you during a weight loss diet, here is some of its benefits:
-Helps excrete fats and cholesterol instead of being absorbed = Lowers Cholesterol.
-Assist your body by having regular bowel movements and proper elimination = Avoids Constipation.
-Controls blood glucose levels = Helps with Diabetes and Avoids you getting it.
-Detoxifies and cleanse the liver (tired liver can lead to depression) = Fights depression.
-Helps you get more energy and vitality = Heals chronic fatigue.
-Provides you with a good night sleep = Fights insomnia.
-Helps with an effective and efficient metabolism = Helps you reach and ideal weight.
-Makes the body burns calories better and reduces the appetite = Achieves weight loss.
Isn’t that amazing? by taking 2 teaspoons of Apple cider Vinegar ( mixed in a big glass of water) 3 times a day, you can control your appetite, burn fat , and feel great.
Losing weight is easy , you just have to do it right, and stick with it. Have you started already? if not, join us and  leave the weight behind.


Day 26 today, still feeling weak and beat up. My husband did a Salt Water Flush again today, he is still loaded with toxins.
It is scary to see that after 16 days of Master cleanse and 26 days of Water Fast , he his still evacuating toxins and feeling tired.
After going trough this, one thing is certain, it was hard but necessary, we just can’t imagine what kind of diseases he could have had, if he stayed overweight and stuffed with toxins and God knows what else.

What ‘s for Dinner


The 3 S Diet has a simple daily menu, Shake in the morning, a snack, a Salad for lunch, a snack, then a Soup at dinner, and that is the 3rd S of the 3 S Diet.
What is more satisfying then a rich hardy soup, especially in a cold night?
Soup is actually a comfort food, it is what moms used to make for dinner, a rich meal that uses a variety of vegetables, sometimes legumes , with or without meat, slow cooked with herbs in a broth, and very soothing.
That is what i eat for dinner, there is a countless number of soup recipes, choose the ones that are healthy and low calorie.
I posted a recipe a while ago, i will post new ones soon.


Day 25th, tough, very tough day, my husband is getting desperate, he is still in the down phase of the water fast, every day, he hopes to feel better and have a good day, it seams that he won’t get to the up phase of this challenging fast.
Besides feeling tired, beat up and weak , he has no other complains, like that is not too much already.
The countdown to day 40 is getting closer , i can’t wait to see him reach it.

Healthy Satisfying Lunch

At lunch time everyone of us looks forward to a have a good meal, but good doesn’t mean unhealthy quiet the opposite, a good meal has to be healthy rich and satisfying.
Just be honest, how do you feel after eating an unhealthy meal? let me describe how you feel. When you first start, you eat with a lot of appetite, you feel like you needed that, like your body was missing something, that is the description of addiction. Then towards the end the food doesn’t taste as good anymore, too strong and heavy but you can’t stop , something inside of you pushes you to finish it, that is addiction as well. When you are done, you feel bloated, the feeling of an upcoming heartburn, and you feel sad because of two reason, a part of you is missing that food already and an other part of you regret eating it.
In few word, it is an experience that you regret but you can’t wait to repeat.
Isn’t it dramatic that we end up being this way, a meal is supposed to bring us comfort, give us energy and make us feel great, not the opposite.
Witch brings us to what i recommend for Lunch during the 3 S Diet: Salad, the second S, a rich satisfying healthy salad, a mix of greens, vegetables, may be even fruits, nuts, seeds, and protein.
I can guaranty you that you will feel full, satisfied and energized, no addiction and no feeling of guilt, but the perfect meal for anybody to enjoy.
I posted a recipe a while ago, try it, it has the perfect dressing for weight loss and best of all it taste great.


Day 24 still doing the Water Fast.
Just to remind you of what my husband is doing, he is in day 24 of the water fast, the usual now is a salt Water Flush first thing in the morning if he feels weak and looks grey, he drinks plenty of water , one liter of it is Alkaline Water, and Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tea spoons in a glass of water once a day, just because he doesn’t tolerate the taste anymore, but normally he should be taking it 3 times a day.
His biggest complain is, he misses food, he feels like the days are too long and that he can’t take it anymore, but he finds a way to get back in track and goes on with his day. He is pretty active, busy all day, but he feels exhausted at the end of the day.
He is still going trough the healing crisis, he has mood swings, he has skin eruptions and boils, he is dizzy sometimes, he has insomnia, he has frequent urinations, and extreme fatigue sometimes.
All that is expected and possibly more, looking forward to the end of this.

The 3 S Diet Snacks

Any Fresh fruit is good for you, especially if it is organic, but it will be better if you choose a low calorie one. Here is a table taken from that shows the average calorie per fruit.

Fruit Calories per piece Carbs (grams) Water Content
Apple (1 average) 44 calories 10.5 85 %
Apple cooking 35 calories 9 88 %
Apricot 30 calories 6.7 85 %
Avocado 150 calories 2 60 %
Banana 107 calories 26 75 %
Blackberries each 1 calorie 0.2 85 %
Blackcurrant each 1.1 calorie 0.25 77 %
Blueberries  (new) 100g 49 Cals ( 100g ) 15 g 81 %
Cherry each 2.4 calories 0.6 83 %
Clementine 24 cals 5 66 %
Currants 5 calories 1.4 16 %
Damson 28 calories 7.2 70 %
One average date 5g 5 cals 1.2 14 %
Dates with inverted sugar 100g 250 calories 63 12 %
Figs 10 calories 2.4 24 %
Gooseberries 2.6 calories 0.65 80 %
Grapes 100g Seedless 50 cals 15 82 %
one average Grape 6g 3 calories 0.9 82 %
Grapefruit whole 100 calories 23 65 %
Guava 24 calories 4.4 85 %
Kiwi 34 calories 8 75 %
Lemon 20 calories 3.4 85 %
Lychees 3 calories 0.7 80 %
Mango 40 calories 9.5 80 %
Melon Honeydew (130g) 36 calories 9 90 %
Melon Cantaloupe (130g) 25 cals 6 93 %
Nectarines 42 calories 9 80 %
Olives 6.8 calories trace 63 %
Orange average 35 calories 8.5 73 %
Orange large 350g 100 Cals 22g 75 %
Papaya Diced (small handful) 67 Cals  (20g) 17g
Passion Fruit 30 calories 3 50 %
Paw Paw 28 calories 6 70 %
Peach 35 calories 7 80 %
Pear 45 calories 12 77 %
Pineapple 50 calories 12 85 %
Plum 25 calories 6 79 %
Prunes 9 calories 2.2 37 %
Raisins 5 calories 1.4 13 %
Raspberries each 1.1 calories 0.2 87 %
Rhubarb 8 calories 0.8 95 %
Satsuma one average 112g 29 cals 6.5 88 %
Satsumas 100g 35 calories 8.5 88 %
Strawberries (1 average) 2.7 calories 0.6 90 %
Sultanas 5 calories 1.4 16 %
Tangerine 26 calories 6 60 %
Tomatoes (1 average size) 9 cals 2.2 93 %
Tomatoes Cherry (1 average size) 2 calories 0.5 90 %
Any Dry Fruit is good for you especially if it is organic, but it will be better to choose a low calorie one.
Any Nuts are good for you especially if they are organic, but the best choice will be Raw nuts and almonds are better because they are alkaline, that is why i take a handful of almonds in my morning snack.
Protein snacks should be chosen carefully, you want something natural and healthy with no chemicals additives or preservatives, a protein snack low in calorie rich with vitamins and enough proteines.


Another exhausting day, my husband is tired beyond description, but he is sticking wit the Water Fast, i am very proud of him, i don’t think i can do this my self.
23 days without food plus 16 days of Master Cleanse, this challenge started on January 14th, and today only 16 days to the deadline, we are looking forward to that.
He did the Salt Water Flush again today, still evacuating toxins, his energy level still not that high but he is active. Other then that no complains.