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Day 22 in the Water Fast.
My husband was feeling weak and tired today, he had to do a Salt Water Flush to evacuate toxins and to feel better.
The good news are, he weighed himself today, and the weight was 214 pounds, witch means he lost 40 pounds so far and that is impressive.
He can’t wait to reach the 40 days, and finally enjoy a good meal.

Are you ready for this?

The 3 S Diet is an easy safe and healthy diet, there is no counting calories, no hard to find ingredients, and best of all anyone can do it, no matter what your health issues are, no matter how young or old you are, and no matter what your schedule is, you can do it.

If you read my previous post, you have to be ready by following the simple steps that i mentioned, those steps are tools that will help you start and stick with the 3 S Diet, it’s like moving to a new house , you only take what is brand new and durable, you will leave the junk behind or get rid off it.

Think about this as a fresh start, a second chance for you to take matters into your own hands and live a healthier life, an opportunity to finally do what you love to do, and be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy with what you see.
Anyone of us can be healthy and disease free, taking medications and hiding behind your sickness will not make you feel better, only worse, admitting that you are sick and helping yourself recover is the solution. Being overweight is not normal , gaining weight is not normal, if you gain weight that means there is something wrong with you or with what you eat. Most of the time it is because of what you eat, but that ends up making you sick and then it is both.
Think about this Diet as a way of curing yourself, not only losing weight but also recovering from what you suffer from.
Once you are ready and committed all you have to do is to be normal.
I read somewhere that eating is for cows not for humans, we should learn to eat to live and not live to eat.
Doing that is easy , GOD made us that way, our way of life made us be like cows. All we have to do is get ride off addictions, toxins, medications, and all those things created to make us consumers.
Stop for One second and think about the word CONSUMER, that is what we became, all we do is consume, more and more more everyday to make others a larger profit. All we have to do is take control of our lives, and stop destroying our health.
The secret behind the 3 S Diet is simple, eating a healthy balanced diet. And that is made of 3 Ss.
Shake + Salad + Soup
You can snack on Raw Nuts, fresh Fruits, dry Fruits, protein drinks, protein snacks but only two snacks a day.
That is it nothing fancy, i told you i just started eating healthy and i lost 20 pounds without even exercising, and that in less then 1 month and a half.
The key is fresh raw as natural as possible ingredients, and only that.
The Shake choose a natural one all major stores carry a variety of healthy shake mix even organic ones.
What i do is:
-One Shake in the morning .
-A handful of Raw Almonds as a snack.
-A rich healthy Salad at lunch.
-A fruit or protein bar as a snack.
-A hardy healthy soup at night.

It is that simple, i will post recipes and ideas that will make this a joy not a battle.

Can’t Do a Water Fast? Read This

How many of us, are tired exhausted, overwhelmed with how much we have to do in one day, but can’t find the energy or the strength to even get up?
Aren’t we all in bad shape?
How many of us actually work out, eat healthy and take the time to rest?
Nowadays, we are forced to live in an unhealthy corrupt environment, we are poisoned by every thing around us, and we can’t seem to find a way to feel good anymore.
It seems like being unhealthy became the normal way to be, we watch ourselves get worse and worse every day, and we are hopeless because we can’t find something to pull us up and get us out of being and living miserably. 
My name is Hope and what i am about to share with you is based on my personal experience and is my way of giving hope to every one who reads this blog and want to get better and feel young again.
I created a new diet intended to make anyone no matter what there health issue is , to successfully achieve physical and mental rehabilitation.
In the beginning of January 2010, i was doing a research to try to find a way to help my husband get better and function as any one should be able to. What i discovered made me change the way all my family lived.
As you have probably read on this blog , my husband is a true Hero, he went from being addicted to sweets, feeling miserable, struggling with his back pain, and not even being able to put water on his hands because of his Eczema/Psoriasis, to feeling almost better then he did 10 years ago.
My experience was different , i actually didn’t even notice that i was doing anything to feel better, i was focused on my husband’s daily experience, but guess what i benefitted from my research as well , all my family did.
To tell you about me, i am a mom of 3 boys, i have taken Iron Supplements for more then 6 years since my first pregnancy, from getting up in the morning until bedtime i was dizzy , i had palpitations every time i get up, i was tired all the time, and it seemed like i had anemia but nothing serious. After having my third son 9 months ago i had to lose about 30 pounds, i had joint pain specially in my knees, i struggled with heartburn, and i was more weak then ever.
As soon as i started my research, i started making adjustments, i made a commitment to stop buying unhealthy food, and i started eating healthy.
Today after a month and a half probably less , like i said the goal was not me feeling better , so i didn’t keep track. I lost 20 pounds just by doing the 3 S Diet, a diet that wasn’t planed or put together but a diet that worked and i am sharing it with you today.
I called it the 3 S Diet, it is a fresh new diet simple and effective, nothing like what is out there, and most importantly everybody can do it even kids, because it is healthy, satisfying and will make you not only lose weight but feel as good as new.
You will not have to do a Master Cleanse or a Water Fast just follow simple rules that will change your life and help you feel young again.
To do a 3 S Diet you need to follow these steps:
-First, read about what is good for you and what is bad for you, everything is in this blog.
-Then take the time to think about what you want to see change in you? , what are your health issues? , how do you feel? what is you goal? and write all this down.
-The next step is crucial, go to you kitchen and empty you refrigerator, your pantry and your cupboards, pull out any thing unhealthy, any processed food, any junk food, any man made prepackaged food, any cans, sodas, packaged juices, sugar, jam, chocolate, cookies, cereals, …. anything qualified as unhealthy. Keep only fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, chicken breast and eggs, legumes, and healthy organic food.
-Talk about this to any one you know to get excited about this life changing experience.
-Do it and make your family do it to, everybody needs to be healthy kids too.
I will post the details about 3 S Diet soon, so get ready to feel young again.


Today is day 21 in the Water Fast, according to an extensive research, starting day 21 the brain’s functions get optimized. My husband is looking forward to see the real positive effects of the Water Fast, and to feel as good as new.
No complains today but he really really misses food.


Today is a big day, my husband has reached half the 40 days, he can’t believe that he stayed without any food for 20 days, now the countdown has definitely started.
Here is his progress from day 1 to day 20:
he started on january 14 at 254 pounds, today he is at 216 pounds , a total weight loss of 37 pounds.
His Eczema is healing, not totally cured yet but looks much better then when steroids were used.
His Back pain went from a, 8 to 9 over 10 pain level, to a 3 to 4 over 10 pain level and that with no medications what so ever or any treatment of any kind.
He has no complains, he is not even hungry, but he misses food terribly.
This challenge started a little over a month ago, now my husband is half way to the end of this extreme makeover, the goal is to do a major deep cleanup of a body used and abused for years, and that in less then 2 months.
This is the best thing you can do for your self,  just do it it will be over quickly.


Almost half way in the 40 days of Water Fast, my husband is excited but tired .
This morning he was feeling bloated, even if he had the Herbal Cleansing Tea last night , it wasn’t enough to help him liberate his colon from all those nasty toxins, witch made him weak and gave him muscle and joint pain.
So we decided to do a Salt Water Flush only not the whole Master Cleanse protocol but just the Oral Enema, and that was the key, few minutes after he had the salt mix, his digestive system was flushed like never before even better then a regular enema.
After that he felt beat up and tired, but he is not bloated and in pain anymore.
The only risk with the Salt Water Flush during the water fast, is to get dehydrated but not only the regular way but in a cellular level, so if you decide to do it , do it carefully and make sure you drink a lot more then usually.
My husband’s weight today is 217 pounds, he is very happy with that, wouldn’t you be happy to see your weight drop as fast as it did for him? he lost 37 pounds in little over a month so what are you waiting for?
To help you get started we put together two Kits, one that has every thing you need to do a Master Cleanse for 10 days (besides water and lemons) and it includes the Enema Kit, we called it the Ultimate Deluxe Cleansing Kit and one without the Enema Kit , we called it the Ultimate Cleansing Kit, you can find them in the labels under Shopping List.
Feeling better and younger is possible, other have started already, so take matters into your own hands and stop wasting time and start healing.


Another day passed, a lot more to go, right?
Today’s incident was, a skin eruption on my husband’s left side, and a huge painful boil.
Like i mentioned yesterday these symptoms are part of the Healing Crisis, just be patient, drink a lot of water, and don’t forget to drink Apple Cider Vinegar it will speed up the healing process, i know you must hate it by now, but still drink it, it is good for you. 
Water is the only thing allowed during the water fast, it is not for you to drink only when you feel thirsty, but you have to drink as much water as you can handle, it will help you heal as well.
Bottom line, drink Water, a lot of Water, a good filtered water and don’t forget to get at least 1 liter a day of Alkaline Water.


Day 17 sounds good, my husband feels Ok, he is not dizzy or tired , he is actually active and alert, nothing like from day 2 to day 11, the 4 days of master cleanse helped a lot in clearing toxins.
My advice to you is, when you do the 10 days Master Cleanse at the beginning of this protocol, be flexible,  you don’t have to do it for 10 days only, you can do it for up to 40 days , it all depends on how you feel.  
The possible symptoms that you can have during the 10 days of Master Cleanse are:
Increased joint or muscle pain
Extreme fatigue and/or its opposite, restlessness
Headache (believed to be caused by buildup of toxins in the blood)
Aches, Pains
Arthritic flair up
Sinus congestion
Fever (usually low grade) and/or chills
Frequent urination and/or urinary tract discharges
Drop in blood pressure
Skin eruptions, including: boils, hives, and rashes.
Cold or flu-like symptoms
Strong emotions: anger, despair, sadness, fear, etc.
Suppressed memories arise
Mood swings
New phobias develop
This symptoms are signs of the Healing Crisis, witch means that your body is eliminating toxins, and you should help your self by extending the 10 days of master cleanse to as many more days as necessary to clear as many toxins as possible, and remember the cleaner you are the easier the Water Fast will be for you.


We are back in business, today is my husband’s second day after the 4 days master cleanse, he weighs 222 pounds , and he has no complains.
He took an herbal cleansing tea last night, witch helps him evacuate his colon in the morning.
His is in a better mood, his is active and alert nothing like before the 4 days master cleanse.
His goal is 40 days of water fast, he is almost half way.
All this started back on january 14th, now after a little bit over a month, he is a completely different person,   he misses food no doubt about that, but he knows that once all this is over it will all be worth it.
Most of his friends started or already did the master cleanse, they are all changed men, if you didn’t start yet every day that goes by is a lost day, so what are you waiting for?


Yesterday was day 15 in the Water fast. My husband did a water fast not a master cleanse on day 15, he did the master cleanse for 4 days, from day 11 to day 14, now he takes an herbal cleansing tea at night witch helps him evacuate his colon next day in the morning and get rid of all the loose toxins.
His day was by far much better then before the 4 days master cleanse, he is not dizzy or weak, he is active and has more energy, and best of all no complains.
By doing a master cleanse for 4 days his weight went from 220 on day 10 to 224 on day 14. If your weight  goes up during a transition from a water fast to a juice fast or a lemon fast (master cleanse), don’t worry it is totally normal because the minute you give your body few calories he makes sure he holds on to anything he can because you made him work on a 0 calorie diet for few days (in my husbands case 10 days), the extra weight is just a water retention, it is not fat, and it doesn’t mean that you will gain weight as soon as you go back eating.
Remember the master cleanse and the water fast are designed to help you reboot your system, get your metabolism working again, eliminate all the build up toxins that you accumulated during all these years, be patient and be strong, it is just a matter of days and you can go back eating again but this time be selective and be healthy, treat your body with respect and keep it from falling a part again.