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Let’s get ready!!!

In few days i am about to embark in a life changing experience, for all of you that are willing to do a Master Cleanse, this is your chance to do it with me, i will be here to support you and mentor you every step of the way, just email me or post a comment and i will be happy to help.
First let’s get ready for the Master Cleanse, you will need every ingredient listed in the shopping list .
Next, it is time to clean up, get ready by emptying your refrigerator, your freezer, your cupboards, your pantry, and any storage area in your house or your car or even your work , you should not leave any packaged ready to eat or drink food that will make you quit the Master Cleanse because of temptation, don’t forget that you are now addicted to food, completely submissive to sweets and under the influence of additives and food preservatives that will make you weak and make you run to that hidden treat witch will set you away from your goal witch is to start feeling young again.
I will post again soon so let’s get ready.

Back with new Plans

Today is a new day, i am finally ready to take my personal challenge, and do a master cleanse.
It feels funny because i have read so much about the Master Cleanse, i described in details my husband’s experience with the Master Cleanse and the Water Fast, but i didn’t really have a chance to experience any of it myself. And now is the time for me to do it too.
On October 1st 2010 i am going to start the Master Cleanse, i will post my daily experience and take you step by step through this amazing life changing cleanse. To all of you that are willing to embrace this opportunity to feel young again, join me on the 1st on this journey that will change our lives.
I will post soon, how to get ready?, and how to take it all the way?
I decided to keep the duration open, no deadline, i will do as many days as i can handle, and depending on how i feel i will take it as far as i can.
So join me on October 1st.