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Back to food in 4 days

Hi everyone, today is day 11 of my Master Cleanse, i started today the phase of going off the Master Cleanse, and that means diluted freshly squeezed orange juice all day and only that.

I can say that i had probably the easiest 10 day Master Cleanse, no incidents, no major complains just a smooth Cleanse. And now i think i can say that i successfully achieved an internal cleanse.

My plan now is to stick with healthy food, and can’t wait to enjoy a good meal in few days.

So get healthy fast with and easy to do Master Cleanse, and feel young again in just 15 days.


Hi every one, since my last post i moved, and i have been very busy since. And 3 months ago i found out i was pregnant, i was not trilled but i got used to the idea of having a fourth baby. But something more unexpected happened, less then a month ago i went to have my first ultrasound, i was there with my husband and my three boys, and we were all excited to see the baby , I don’t remember if i mentioned it before but i went to med school and i know how to read an ultrasound i was there looking at the baby and there was no heartbeat, the technician of course didn’t want to tell me anything but i knew what i saw was not normal. Unfortunately  i was right and i had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago.

Anyway this story is not fun i know, but the point is, i decided soon after that it was time for me to do a MASTER CLEANSE and this time i will do it as long as i can.

The good news is i am at DAY 6, i feel great, i honestly didn’t think i will handle it this well, thank god, and i am going to take it day by day and see how far i can go.

So for all of you out there still thinking should you do a MASTER CLEANSE or not, take a chance and don’t miss the opportunity to take charge of your health, we all have reasons to do it.