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Alternative to SALT FLUSH “ORAL ENEMA”

Hi every one today is day 15 in my personal MASTER CLEANSE, i am in day 3 in going off the Lemon Cleanse witch means light and meatless soup for lunch and dinner.

As i promised i am going to reveal my alternative to the salt flush, i have used this product for my first Master Cleanse back in May and again this time and it works great. So for those of you that couldn’t handle the salt in the morning and for those of you with high blood pressure, this product may be the reason why you do MASTER CLEANSE. It is called ACAI BERRY DETOX
Here is how i used it, the first time i took it was the night before starting the MASTER CLEANSE, i took 4 pills and that is it, the next morning you will have the same effect as an oral enema. Than what i did was i took it every other night just because i handled it better that way but you you can take it every night for a maximum of 10 days. I didn’t even take the herbal cleansing tea. So try it if you trow up after the salt or if you can’t handle it, what ever you do lesson to your body, don’t push yourself, and remember going to the bathroom is as important and drinking at least 3 liter a day of liquid is a must. If you have any questions or need help let me know, i will be glad to help.


Today is January 4, 2012 , and it is also my 9th day of ¬†MASTER CLEANSE. I can’t believe i am doing it again, and this time i am reaching for the stars and that means 40 days of MASTER CLEANSE.

First i decided to do 3 days, and then i thought i will go for 15 days and now i am telling my self why not do it day by day and see how far i can go, so my new goal now is 21 days. 

Have you started yours yet ?