What would you say, if i told you that the secret behind rejuvenation is WATER FAST?

You must say, but fasting for 40 days is impossible?
In fact not only it is possible , but also mandatory for certain people.
But what is FAST?
You have all heard about the Muslims month of Fasting “RAMADAN”, the month when we fast 29 or 30 days depending on the moon sighting, from sunrise to sunset everyday, but we get to eat whatever we want after sunset and nothing at all after sunrise not even water.
This fast is different, this fast is for a maximum of 40 days , 24h a day , no foods or drinks are allowed besides WATER. That is why it is called WATER FAST, only water as much water as you want but it has to be PURE WATER .
But isn’t that dangerous?
No it is not, each one of us will react differently to the fast, some of us will go on for 40 days , others will not tolerate it, that is why you will have to read about WATER FAST, understand it is benefits, and listen to your body while doing it.
Let me give you a quick explanation of what will happen during the water fast.
No matter what your health issue is , the concept is the same.
First you have to start by the CLEANSING, if you FAST on a loaded body you will not survive this, you have to get ready for the WATER FAST .
Once you start the fast here is what would your body do:
-When you stop eating, your body will be on survival  mode, witch means, it will burn the least calories possible to hold on all it is reserves, that is why in the beginning you will feel tired, extremely hungry, and depressed, because your body want you to eat.
-After that , if you resist , you will suddenly feel energized and good , that is when your body start using the reserves, first it will utilize fat cells because they are the easiest to burn and they normally are everywhere. If you have excess weight this phase will take sometime, the more weight the more time, that is how the weight problem will be taking care of.
-Once the fat cells are all used , you body will go for microorganisms, witch is going to heal any infection that you had , nothing will survive , all the bad bacteria, fungus, virus, .. all used for energy, the more infected you are the more time you will need for this phase, that is how you can cure infections by WATER FAST.
-After that the body will look for dead and malignant cells (cancer cells), it will use them too for energy and cell regeneration, that is how the WATER FAST can rejuvenate you by using dead cells, and that is how it will cure cancer.
-If you can go on all the way to 40 days of WATER FAST  your body will heal itself from anything that you may have had “إن شاء الله”.
To read about more benefits of the WATER FAST , here is a link cure4us.

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