As i promised, here is the recipe for yesterday’s salad.
This salad includes, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts with the healthiest best salad dressing you can have.
-Romaine lettuce.
-Freshly shredded carrots.
-Green Cabbage.
-Sunflower Seeds.
-Pumpkin Seeds.
Put the SeedsĀ and pecans in 250 degree oven for 3 min (don’t toast them, just heat them up to bring up there flavor, raw seeds and nuts are much better), then crush them.
Cut the veggies and fruits the way you always do.
Mix the dressing using:
-Organic extra virgin Olive Oil.
-Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.
-Sea salt.
-Cayenne Pepper.
We should call it, “magic potion” not salad dressing,. It combines 5 extremely healthy healing ingredients.
Mix the salad, add the dressing before eating, and enjoy.

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