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Today is a big day, it is the beginning of the rejuvenation process.

Here is our story, my husband is 37 years old, he had back surgery 4 years ago, he has a severe psoriasis/eczema on both he hands and feet, and he needs to loose weight.
Back in 1999 he was addicted to sports, he played soccer (his favorite), basketball, and tennis. One day he had a back injury while he was playing soccer, that is where everything started.
After the surgery in 2005, he started to gain weight , he lived with a very limited mobility because of the pain.
Today he weighs 254 pounds ( he weighed 185 pounds back in 1999), his back condition is still where it was in  2005 and his psoriasis/eczema is making him more miserable then ever.
Now our goal is to make him feel as good as new, better then he was in 1999 , more then 10 yeas ago.
How are we going to do that?
Follow our blog as of today the challenge has began we will take you step by step through his experience, hopping that you will benefit from it and feel young again yourself.
Here is the challenge :
Get a relief from pain and recover mobility.
Get rid off the psoriasis/eczema.
Lose 70 pounds.
Let the games begin.

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