Why do you eat?

Did you ever ask your self this question?

We eat to live, right. It seems that now days we live to eat. Our lives revolve around meal times, witch is not how it should be. Back in the days when people were strong and healthy, they used to eat at night, they call it today the warriors diet, they worked hard all day and there reward was a feast at night. Now we are looking for reasons to eat, it is like nothing else is on our minds besides food. And that is called addiction, yes we are addicted to food. Before technology invaded us, people will only prepare what they can eat, no left overs, of course food will perish quickly specially fresh food, but they found healthy ways to preserve food, like pickled vegetables, beef jerky, smoked food, and many other ways.

They didn’t have all the vegetables and fruits year long, and that is another reason why we are all unhealthy today. Eating organic is eating non chemically made food and only seasonal food, that is very important, because that is how things are supposed to be. Another thing, do you think that a long time ago people took vitamins, and supplements to be healthy, do you thing they ate everything we eat today to insure a good nutritional daily intake, of what there body needed ?

The food we eat is depleted, our body is depleted, we absorb toxins from everything we eat, breath or even touch, and man made food is the reason for our addiction to food.

All that being said, there is a way we can feel better and fight this challenging situation we are in, CLEANSING.

Master cleanse, water fast, or even just a healthy balanced diet, can help you, not just for weight loss, but to recover a proper human function, and feel young again.

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