After 1 week

What happened with us this week?

First, we did a Master Cleanse for three days, it went really well the only complain i had is that salt first thing in the morning.

Monday was my first day of water fast, i felt good almost all day, but i was extremely tired i the end of the day. The next day was really tough, i was weak, very tired and dizzy, i almost didn’t make it so i took a mixed freshly squeezed orange juice with water, i felt a little bit better i took it again i the middle of the day, and at night i took a fruit juice.

The fruit juice mix had: strawberries, orange, grapes, apple, and apple.

The next day we did a juice fast, we took a homemade juice twice a day.

Yesterday we did a master cleanse again, just because we had to evacuate those toxins that were making us very weak.

Now after a week of master cleanse, water fast, and juice fast, we started the cleansing weight loss diet.

Today is the first day of the 3sdiet, i feel great, no more muscle pain, or weakness, we had herbalife shake mixed with water in the morning and we are looking forward to eat a big healthy salad for lunch.

It was a challenging week, but guess what my husband lost 17 pounds, and i lost 7 pounds.

Start your challenge today and start losing.

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