Are you ready for this?

The 3 S Diet is an easy safe and healthy diet, there is no counting calories, no hard to find ingredients, and best of all anyone can do it, no matter what your health issues are, no matter how young or old you are, and no matter what your schedule is, you can do it.

If you read my previous post, you have to be ready by following the simple steps that i mentioned, those steps are tools that will help you start and stick with the 3 S Diet, it’s like moving to a new house , you only take what is brand new and durable, you will leave the junk behind or get rid off it.

Think about this as a fresh start, a second chance for you to take matters into your own hands and live a healthier life, an opportunity to finally do what you love to do, and be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy with what you see.
Anyone of us can be healthy and disease free, taking medications and hiding behind your sickness will not make you feel better, only worse, admitting that you are sick and helping yourself recover is the solution. Being overweight is not normal , gaining weight is not normal, if you gain weight that means there is something wrong with you or with what you eat. Most of the time it is because of what you eat, but that ends up making you sick and then it is both.
Think about this Diet as a way of curing yourself, not only losing weight but also recovering from what you suffer from.
Once you are ready and committed all you have to do is to be normal.
I read somewhere that eating is for cows not for humans, we should learn to eat to live and not live to eat.
Doing that is easy , GOD made us that way, our way of life made us be like cows. All we have to do is get ride off addictions, toxins, medications, and all those things created to make us consumers.
Stop for One second and think about the word CONSUMER, that is what we became, all we do is consume, more and more more everyday to make others a larger profit. All we have to do is take control of our lives, and stop destroying our health.
The secret behind the 3 S Diet is simple, eating a healthy balanced diet. And that is made of 3 Ss.
Shake + Salad + Soup
You can snack on Raw Nuts, fresh Fruits, dry Fruits, protein drinks, protein snacks but only two snacks a day.
That is it nothing fancy, i told you i just started eating healthy and i lost 20 pounds without even exercising, and that in less then 1 month and a half.
The key is fresh raw as natural as possible ingredients, and only that.
The Shake choose a natural one all major stores carry a variety of healthy shake mix even organic ones.
What i do is:
-One Shake in the morning .
-A handful of Raw Almonds as a snack.
-A rich healthy Salad at lunch.
-A fruit or protein bar as a snack.
-A hardy healthy soup at night.

It is that simple, i will post recipes and ideas that will make this a joy not a battle.

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