Can’t Do a Water Fast? Read This

How many of us, are tired exhausted, overwhelmed with how much we have to do in one day, but can’t find the energy or the strength to even get up?
Aren’t we all in bad shape?
How many of us actually work out, eat healthy and take the time to rest?
Nowadays, we are forced to live in an unhealthy corrupt environment, we are poisoned by every thing around us, and we can’t seem to find a way to feel good anymore.
It seems like being unhealthy became the normal way to be, we watch ourselves get worse and worse every day, and we are hopeless because we can’t find something to pull us up and get us out of being and living miserably. 
My name is Hope and what i am about to share with you is based on my personal experience and is my way of giving hope to every one who reads this blog and want to get better and feel young again.
I created a new diet intended to make anyone no matter what there health issue is , to successfully achieve physical and mental rehabilitation.
In the beginning of January 2010, i was doing a research to try to find a way to help my husband get better and function as any one should be able to. What i discovered made me change the way all my family lived.
As you have probably read on this blog , my husband is a true Hero, he went from being addicted to sweets, feeling miserable, struggling with his back pain, and not even being able to put water on his hands because of his Eczema/Psoriasis, to feeling almost better then he did 10 years ago.
My experience was different , i actually didn’t even notice that i was doing anything to feel better, i was focused on my husband’s daily experience, but guess what i benefitted from my research as well , all my family did.
To tell you about me, i am a mom of 3 boys, i have taken Iron Supplements for more then 6 years since my first pregnancy, from getting up in the morning until bedtime i was dizzy , i had palpitations every time i get up, i was tired all the time, and it seemed like i had anemia but nothing serious. After having my third son 9 months ago i had to lose about 30 pounds, i had joint pain specially in my knees, i struggled with heartburn, and i was more weak then ever.
As soon as i started my research, i started making adjustments, i made a commitment to stop buying unhealthy food, and i started eating healthy.
Today after a month and a half probably less , like i said the goal was not me feeling better , so i didn’t keep track. I lost 20 pounds just by doing the 3 S Diet, a diet that wasn’t planed or put together but a diet that worked and i am sharing it with you today.
I called it the 3 S Diet, it is a fresh new diet simple and effective, nothing like what is out there, and most importantly everybody can do it even kids, because it is healthy, satisfying and will make you not only lose weight but feel as good as new.
You will not have to do a Master Cleanse or a Water Fast just follow simple rules that will change your life and help you feel young again.
To do a 3 S Diet you need to follow these steps:
-First, read about what is good for you and what is bad for you, everything is in this blog.
-Then take the time to think about what you want to see change in you? , what are your health issues? , how do you feel? what is you goal? and write all this down.
-The next step is crucial, go to you kitchen and empty you refrigerator, your pantry and your cupboards, pull out any thing unhealthy, any processed food, any junk food, any man made prepackaged food, any cans, sodas, packaged juices, sugar, jam, chocolate, cookies, cereals, …. anything qualified as unhealthy. Keep only fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, chicken breast and eggs, legumes, and healthy organic food.
-Talk about this to any one you know to get excited about this life changing experience.
-Do it and make your family do it to, everybody needs to be healthy kids too.
I will post the details about 3 S Diet soon, so get ready to feel young again.

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