Cure by Cleansing

2 Day Cleanse and you will be back on Track

While waiting to discover new ways to feel young again, I found a cleanse for the not so committed ones that want to do a quick cleanse on the go without changing there daily routines.

Quite interesting product, it’s a 2 day cleanse Volcanic Charcoal LEMON juice Cleanse with Ginger and Dandelion Extract 8 servings.

You just have to mix 4oz (8 tablespoons) of the cleanse with 4-8 fl oz of cold water 4 times per day for 2 days.

It’s a easy simple quick cleanse for the busy life we all have all you need is Dirtydetox cleanse and water.

Give it a try feel better and reboot your body on the go.


Master cleanse for kids

Now days kids are exposed to toxins from many sources, the major ones are the food they eat and the environment they live in.

My oldest son is 9 years old, and today is his second day of master cleanse. Because he is too young to handle the salt flash, we used a colon cleanse mix made with natural ingredients to help him get rid of the toxins build up in his colon. He took the lemon mix 3 times yesterday just like an adult will. In a usual day he has a big appetite always snaking, so i was worried he will not finish his first day of master cleanse. Day two, things are looking great, he woke up this morning full of energy , he did school (homeschool) and finished within two hours Language extension, math and science with perfect scores in the quizzes and a 95% in math chapter test. He is in a good mood and calm, i am amazed with the results of only one day of master cleanse. My plan is to try a two days master cleanse this week and see how his body reacts to it then may be do 4 or 5 days next week.

So if you are thinking that it is hard to do master cleanse thing again if a kid can do it so can you.

Alternative to SALT FLUSH “ORAL ENEMA”

Hi every one today is day 15 in my personal MASTER CLEANSE, i am in day 3 in going off the Lemon Cleanse witch means light and meatless soup for lunch and dinner.

As i promised i am going to reveal my alternative to the salt flush, i have used this product for my first Master Cleanse back in May and again this time and it works great. So for those of you that couldn’t handle the salt in the morning and for those of you with high blood pressure, this product may be the reason why you do MASTER CLEANSE. It is called ACAI BERRY DETOX
Here is how i used it, the first time i took it was the night before starting the MASTER CLEANSE, i took 4 pills and that is it, the next morning you will have the same effect as an oral enema. Than what i did was i took it every other night just because i handled it better that way but you you can take it every night for a maximum of 10 days. I didn’t even take the herbal cleansing tea. So try it if you trow up after the salt or if you can’t handle it, what ever you do lesson to your body, don’t push yourself, and remember going to the bathroom is as important and drinking at least 3 liter a day of liquid is a must. If you have any questions or need help let me know, i will be glad to help.

After 1 week

What happened with us this week?

First, we did a Master Cleanse for three days, it went really well the only complain i had is that salt first thing in the morning.

Monday was my first day of water fast, i felt good almost all day, but i was extremely tired i the end of the day. The next day was really tough, i was weak, very tired and dizzy, i almost didn’t make it so i took a mixed freshly squeezed orange juice with water, i felt a little bit better i took it again i the middle of the day, and at night i took a fruit juice.

The fruit juice mix had: strawberries, orange, grapes, apple, and apple.

The next day we did a juice fast, we took a homemade juice twice a day.

Yesterday we did a master cleanse again, just because we had to evacuate those toxins that were making us very weak.

Now after a week of master cleanse, water fast, and juice fast, we started the cleansing weight loss diet.

Today is the first day of the 3sdiet, i feel great, no more muscle pain, or weakness, we had herbalife shake mixed with water in the morning and we are looking forward to eat a big healthy salad for lunch.

It was a challenging week, but guess what my husband lost 17 pounds, and i lost 7 pounds.

Start your challenge today and start losing.

The ultimate diet

The ultimate diet is a combination of cleansing weight loss diet and water fast. The goal is to get the benefits from each plan and boost them once all combined.

Let me explain that:

-The master cleanse by itself is great, it helps you evacuate the build up toxins, if done for a long period of time it can even be healing not just cleansing, but not enough for resistant damages, that is why combining it with the water fast will make the healing more deep and effective.

-Now the water fast by itself is cleansing and healing but it is a harsh way of cleansing, so once you combine it with the master cleanse the cleansing is faster and more effective and by that the healing is more advanced.

-When it comes to the 3sdiet, it is the easiest , fastest weight loss formula, the thing is doing a master cleanse before it, speed up the process and the results are unbelievable, you start shedding pounds because you storing less toxins, and your metabolism is at its peak. On the other hand doing a master cleanse by itself or a water fast by itself does not guaranty weight loss, because as soon as you go back eating the way you use to, you will gain back the weight, like what happened with my husband, that is why including the 3sdiet after alternating master cleanse and water fast will make you reach you weight goal.

The results should be, no toxins, no damages, and no excess weight, sounds amazing right, so what are you waiting for?

Our goals

Our complains are:

My husband’s:

-He gained back some weight that is why we are doing a cleansing weight loss diet this time, and he never reached 180 pounds, at the end of the 40 days water fast he weighed 201 pounds.

Now he weights 153 pounds, yes if you go back to your old habits after water fast or master cleanse you will start gaining weight again.

-Get rid of his eczema-psoriais that came back too when he went back eating not really healthy food.

-Once the weight came back the back pain came back, and this time he is determined to get rid of it once and for all by reaching 180 pounds.

-Get back in shape, he would love to play sports again, that is his real motivation, be able to play with our boys.

My complains are:

– Lose 12 pounds, today i weigh 140 pounds, and 128 pounds will definitely feel better.

-I have joint pain, that is why i am going to try water fast for healing purposes.

-I need plenty of energy to keep up with my boys, and the 3sdiet is just the perfect thing for that.

These are our goals, join us and sea your dreams become realty.

The plan

Here is the plan, after a lot of research, i found that the ultimate makeover can be achieved if you combine, master cleanse, water fast and 3sdiet.

We are starting with a 3 day master cleanse, then 7 days water fast then 3 days master cleanse, and so on until december 31 2010, and then we will do a cleansing weight loss diet (master cleanse followed with the 3sdiet) for as long as we need to achieve our goals.

Sounds possible right, we will see how it goes, i will be sharing our experience with you, join us and let me know if you have any questions.

High hopes

My husband has tried the master cleanse more then once, he did the 40 day water fast, but never tried the cleansing weight loss diet.

I have tried the master cleanse once and the 3sdiet, but i never tried the water fast.

Our goals are to get back in our twenty’s shape, not only lose weight that is why we should do a water fast for healing purposes.

My husband at 20 years old, was a big athlete, he played every sport out there and was as healthy as it gets. He had a six pack abdomen, weighed 180 pounds and didn’t have any health issues.

At 20 years old, i was the same person i am today but without the damages caused by three pregnancies and a lot of lack of sleep. I weighed 128 pounds.

Today we need to lose weight and heal the damages caused by  15 years of abuse for me and 18 years for my husband.

And this time, we are not going to quit until we feel 20 years old again, we hope so anyway.

Join us today

Today is a big day, we have started the master cleanse with high hopes.

Here is our plan, get back in our twenty’s shape by the end of the year. Do you think it is possible? I do, we are motivated. Remember what i said about having good reasons to do something, you are highly motivated and that helps you take charge of your life, and change your overall attitude towards everything in your life.

But how can we do that?

The only guarantied way to do that is, master cleanse, water fast and 3sdiet. The cleansing weight loss diet is the key for this mission, i don’t know yet how we are going to do that, i will let you know every step of the way.

Join us in this new journey, and start the cleansing weight loss diet today.

Change your life!!

Dieting, is a way of life, not just for a limited period of time. When you eat healthy, nourish your body, and stay away from toxins, you avoid gaining weight and getting sick. Now to go back to a healthy lifestyle all you need is a good start, and there is nothing better then a master cleanse to provide you with that.

Cleansing weight loss diet is the key for a healthy and strong body, you can heal yourself, lose weight while embracing a healthy lifestyle.

It is never too late for a life changing experience like the combination of the master cleanse and the 3sdiet.

Start your cleansing today and see how easy it is to feel young again.