Master Cleanse

Master cleanse for kids

Now days kids are exposed to toxins from many sources, the major ones are the food they eat and the environment they live in.

My oldest son is 9 years old, and today is his second day of master cleanse. Because he is too young to handle the salt flash, we used a colon cleanse mix made with natural ingredients to help him get rid of the toxins build up in his colon. He took the lemon mix 3 times yesterday just like an adult will. In a usual day he has a big appetite always snaking, so i was worried he will not finish his first day of master cleanse. Day two, things are looking great, he woke up this morning full of energy , he did school (homeschool) and finished within two hours Language extension, math and science with perfect scores in the quizzes and a 95% in math chapter test. He is in a good mood and calm, i am amazed with the results of only one day of master cleanse. My plan is to try a two days master cleanse this week and see how his body reacts to it then may be do 4 or 5 days next week.

So if you are thinking that it is hard to do master cleanse thing again if a kid can do it so can you.


Each one of us, had his ups and downs in life, Cleansing your body will limit the number of downs, let me show you how.
Depression, anger, bad mood, chronique fatigue, lack of attention, weak memory, obesity, emotional mess, insomnia, stress, and all kinds of physical diseases are directly related to our lifestyles.
But what are we cleansing?
We are cleansing our cells, not just digestive cells, but all the cells in our body,even brain cells, the longer your Master Cleanse or your Water Fast is , the deeper the cleansing is.
What are we cleansing from?
Toxins, they are the accumulated waste that overloaded our body for years, to get rid of them we need time and patience. Our body is designed to cleanse itself but nowdays toxins are present in almost everything we eat or drink, we absorb them through our skin and inhale them from the air we breath. Medications and vaccins are toxins too, so the more drugs you have taken the more loaded you are.
Doing a Mater Cleanse or better a Water Fast helps the body unload the toxins and recover a proper fonction, it is like a jammed engine once it is cleaned and repeared it runs again as good as new.
Feeling tired all the time is not normal, your body is screaming for help just stop eating and start cleansing and your body will do the rest.


This is the cleansing that we will start this journey with.
This is what we chose to start with, to get his body ready for the 40 days water fast.
Sound scary, but think about it, in less than two months, “GOD willing إن شاء الله   “you will get rid of all the health issues that you dragged with you, all your life.
The MASTER CLEANSE is simply made of three things:
– SALT WATER FLUSH upon arising in the morning (2 tea spoons of sea salt in a 500 cc of Pure Warm Water)
– LEMONADE MIX six 1/2 liters (16 oz glass) a day.
– and HERBAL CLEANSING TEA at bed time.
This link has all the details concerning the LEMON CLEANSE
The LEMONADE MIX is made of:
-500 cc of PURE WATER,
-2 table spoons of ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP GRADE B,
-1 table spoon of BENTONITE a day ( in one lemon mix only, my husband couldn’t handle it so we decided to do 1 table spoon of Bentonite in a little bit of warm water at night)
-a pinch of CAYENNE PEPPER (use with caution)
The taste is not pleasant, you will have to drink it freshly made, you will get use to it eventually, just remember this is a cleansing process, no foods or drinks are allowed during this period (we are going for 10 days lemon fast).
After the 10 days LEMON CLEANSE, you will proceed with 5 days of reintroducing food ” going off the LEMON FAST”.