Cure by Cleansing

Why do you gain weight?

To lose weight, you need to know why you gain weight?

Our bodies are perfectly designed, there is no reason to gain weight, unless there is something unusual that interferes with the body’s normal functions.
This is exactly why a master cleanse is the answer to weight loss, it stops the interference and reboots your system witch go back to its normal function. All you have to do is allow your body to function normally by introducing a healthy diet right after the master cleanse.
And to lose weight and be healthy you need to realize that changing your habits, is the key, and the only way for you to do that is to do something radical and unusual to make your body recover from its addictions.
Cleansing weight loss diet, is not only a way to lose weight it is a way to recover and feel young again.

Introducing Cleansing weight loss diet

Cleansing weight loss diet, is a diet that starts with a master cleanse and then consolidates with a 3sdiet.

To lose weight once and for all, you need to cleanse your body then rebuild it. Master cleanse is the ultimate cleanse, easy and effective, it helps you evacuate toxins, it boosts your metabolism, and restore your overall balance. It is the perfect way to get ready for a diet. Once you have done a couple of weeks of master cleanse you are ready for the 3sdiet, that is a safe, well balanced, and easy diet that not only helps you lose weight but also helps you build a strong and healthy body.

Stop the headaches

Migraines are common now days, do you know why?

Migraine is a neurological disease, caused by damaged neurons in our brain. The damage is caused by multiple factors that when combined will result in what we know as migraines.

Brain damage can start early in life, a long difficult delivery can cause brain damage, vaccinations has been proven to cause more damage then we think, if you have a relative that suffers from migraines, you are more at risk then if you don’t have. Any kind of trauma can cause a brain damage. The more medications you take the more side effects you will accumulate and their combination can be a cause for migraines. Spinal injections (like epidurals) are a direct cause for repetitive headaches that can become migraines.

The more factors you accumulate the more chances you have to suffer from migraines.

There is a way you can limit the damage, and that by doing a cleansing. Master cleanse will help you relieve the neurons from he build up toxins and lower the frequency and the intensity of the migraines. Eating a healthy well balanced diet free from additives and preservatives will help too.

Each one of us can develop migraines, don’t put yourself at risk, do a master cleanse, and enjoy a life without headaches .


Menopause is every women’s nightmare. But why?

Let us explore what menopause is.

A woman’s ovule’s (the female’s part that once inseminated will form the egg) capital is determined while she is still a fetus in her mom’s womb, during the chock caused by the delivery each baby girl will loose a certain amount of ovules, and once she reaches puberty, she will start maturing ovules every month until her preexistent ovule stock is depleted, and that is when she reaches menopause.

It is unknown when exactly each woman will reach menopause, but according to statistics now days between 40 and 50 years old.

There is three parameters that influence directly the age of menopause, you have the ovule’s capital at birth, the age of puberty, and the number of pregnancies. The first two are set, so what really affected the age of menopause now days is, no or fewer pregnancies comparing to before birth control invaded women’s lives.

There is other things that influence the age of menopause, like hormonal imbalance, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, breast-feeding, and methods of contraception.

To push away the age of menopause, cleansing is one of the tools you can use to do that. Doing a master cleanse will regulate your periods, it will help you cary a more effective ovulation and that by adjusting your hormones, because the build up toxins in your body interferes with your hormones and damages your ovules stock. Cleansing will help you with weight loss as well, fat cells produce male hormones and that will damage your ovaries, so being on a healthy balanced diet is important to keep your female hormones functional.

Exercise is important, women that exercise regularly will have an easy transition to menopause some of them don’t even experience the menopause symptoms.

Once menopause hits, it is important to supplement you body to limit the symptoms and avoid the damages caused by nonfunctional ovaries..

Bottom line, do a master cleanse, be on a healthy diet, exercise, have a lot of babies, and when menopause use healthy supplements.

Targeted nutrition

After a cleansing, following a healthy diet is as important as doing a master cleanse. To recover from years of abuse, you need to follow the cleansing protocol, then build a strong and healthy body. And to do that you need a “targeted nutrition”, eating healthy is the base, but your body will need more then that for a solid rehabilitation. Along with a natural complete multivitamin, you have to listen to your body and look for its weaknesses, you may have to take care of specific needs and get the right supplements for them. You probably have vision problems, or bone loss, or allergies, or digestive problems, or muscle pain, or heart problems, or for women menopause, or for men prostate problems or erectile disfunction, or you need to be on a weight loss diet, or any other health issue that you will need to address specifically and get the right supplements for, to help your body cure itself and function as good as new.

Look young again

How old are you?

It is the scariest question of all, right. The problem is we all look older then we should, we are aging way too quickly and that is not normal. You want to know why?

The reason our body is showing early signs of aging is, the modern lifestyle we live in today. There is no doubt that progress did make our lives better, but the price to pay was our health.

Now, you want to slow down aging, and even reverse some of its signs, do a cleansing. Master cleanse doesn’t only cleanse your digestive system, it is named “master” cleanse because it will cleanse every cells in your body, the longer you do it the more cleansing you get to you cells including skin cells, we are talking about a natural efficient safe “lift”, your skin tone will be glowing, your complexion as perfect as it can get, and all that during a simple lemon cleanse that rejuvenates you from inside out.

So what do you think? just with a master cleanse, a healthy diet, and the right supplements, you can look and feel young again.

Be healthy

The most important advice concerning cleansing is, do it, do it often, and be on a healthy diet after it.

To be healthy you have to do a master cleanse at least once a year, to stay healthy you have to be on a well balanced diet after the cleansing, going back and living an unhealthy lifestyle will take you back to the shape you were in before the master cleanse, witch means you will need to go through the cleansing process again.

Even if you manage to stay healthy, you will still have to do a master cleanse again, just because the environment we live in injects toxins into our body no matter how careful we are.

So the key to stay away from diseases is, do a cleansing, choose a healthy diet, use targeted nutrition supplements  according to your needs, and enjoy your life.

Fight back

Now days, technology has made our lives much easier, we all have cars, we all have fully equipped households, we all have cellphones, and of course we all have wifi and wireless. The problem is this modern lifestyle has made us more sick then ever, we are surrounded with waves and signals , things that we don’t even see, but things that are damaging our health. Unfortunately we can’t live without modern technology, but what we can do is slow down the damage and that by cleansing as often as we can. Master cleanse should be done  at least every 6 months, your body will let you know when it is time for a cleansing. Being on a healthy diet will help you nourish your body without adding more toxins, and if you are overweight, you should consider a weight loss diet that will make you loose weight and be healthy.

Bottom line, the way we live is bad enough for our health, don’t add unhealthy things to it, do a master cleanse, eat healthy, and feel youd again.

Stop the damage

Being healthy is priceless, but the drama is some people spend money to be unhealthy.

Let’s talk about smoking, we all agree that smoking is bad for you, right. The problem with smoking is once you start it is almost impossible for you to stop and when you actually succeed in quitting the damage is already there. The sad and heart breaking thing is when a person experience complications due to there past smoking. One of them is lung cancer witch is one of the worst cancers, it spreads quickly to other organs and the damages are beyond any recovery. Another usual thing after quitting smoking is obesity, smoking helps with weight loss because it suppresses appetite, but not worth it. There is a lot more side effects to smoking, like vascular damages, skin issues, respiratory infections, bladder cancer, and other horrible possible diseases. And the obvious thing is it is a lot cheaper to be healthy and not smoke then to be unhealthy and smoke.

For both first hand smoker and second hand smoker, Master cleanse or better Water fast can save your life, these types of cleansing will help you unload the build up toxins caused by smoking, and will give you a chance to avoid its complications. For the ones that gained weight after quitting just stick with a healthy diet and with the master cleanse you can achieve weight loss. To help recover from years of smoking herbalife has a variety of products that targets specific organs, and can help you live a healthy lifestyle.

For all of you out there still smoking, you are killing yourself and everyone around you, so stop smoking before it is too late, and do a master cleanse, this may be your last chance.

Tips for weight loss

If you want to loose weight important tips:

Weight loss is a challenging thing to do, you need to be prepared for a life changing experience, you need to be ready to go down a path for good to be able to loose the weight and keep it of.

Cleansing is essential before any diet, and the Master Cleanse is the best most efficient cleansing you can do. You can do 3 days, a week or 15 days (recommended), the important thing is to do it BEFORE the diet.

-Apple cider vinegar is a must, it will help you loose weight by regulating your blood sugar, controlling your cravings, giving you energy, and by melting your fat.

-A heathy diet is the key to weight loss, a balanced, nutritional and satisfying diet is the only way you can lose weight effectively until you reach your weight goal.

If you need to loose weight, now is the time, the more you wait the harder it will be for you to do it, if you have the right tools you can succeed easily and you will feel young again in no time.