Expensive Lifestyle



The first thing that we think when we hear ORGANIC, NATURAL, or HEALTHY, we think expensive out of reach, and difficult to get. But the truth is, healthy food is AFFORDABLE, i said affordable not cheap, and here is why:
-Do you ever look at your store receipt ? I guess you do, just in case they overcharged you, right. I want you to look at your receipt, and actually look at what you bought.
-Did you really need all that? as i talked about it in JUNK FOOD, sometimes or should i say most of the time we buy things because we saw the commercial. But did you really need that?
-Witch food did you spend the most money on? vegetables and fruits or snacks and goodies.
-Did you think about buying something good for your health? How much was that for?
-Did you forget the drinks ? oh no go back, right.
-For the kids, milk, chocolate milk, yogurt, cheese,… they have to have calcium, it is important for there growth, but is non organic good for them?
So, what did you spend your money on?
If we calculate it right, you spent your money on nothing, or should i say on things that actually hurt you make you feel weak and feel bad. You can save 100% of your money if you stop buying the wrong food.
The idea is, you are not supposed to buy healthy food on top of what you are buying already but instead.
And something else, once you are not going to be addicted to certain foods , you will eat because you are hungry not because you have to, witch means you will eat less, and the rule is what matters is not the quantity but the quality of what you eat.