The Journey


40 days of water fast are over, what an achievement.
Back on January 14th my husband was overweight, lived with constant back pain and limited mobility, and had a severe untreatable psoriasis/eczema in both his hands and feet. He had other complains that we didn’t even consider, like short breath, excessive sweating even when immobile, he had a weak voice and used to choke when swallowing, he had boils specially on his back,  most of his joints were painful, and he used to snore loud enough to keep our newborn awake. He also used to complain about a sharp pain when taking a full breath, and he had chest pain from time to time. He had a severe allergy, and used to catch a cold just by changing his sweaty shirt.
Today March 12, less then 2 months from the day he started this journey, my husband is a completely different man, his goals were to lose weight, recover his mobility and get his psoriasis/eczema under control.
Here are the results:
-Today he weighs 201 pounds, he lost 53 pounds.
-His mobility is back to normal, just a little bit of discomfort in his back.
-His psoriasis/eczema looks like almost cured.
-and as a bonus all the other complains that i mentioned earlier disappeared like magic.
If i had to describe the results in a couple of words, i will say my husband’s experience was a TOTAL SUCCESS.
What is amazing too, is while he was doing the cleansing and the water fast, we all benefited from this experience, we eat healthier, we have more energy, and we feel great.
Now it is your turn, leave disease and weight behind, shape up and enjoy your life, do a Master Cleanse, do a Water Fast, or do a 3S Diet, feeling young again is just a few days away from now, don’t wait any longer, good luck.


The countdown has started, in few hours my husband will achieve something near impossible. A Water Fast for 40 days.
Are you convinced yet ?, Water fast is a healing, a cleansing, and a curing fast. A period of time that gives your body a chance to recover from years of abuse, it is like giving your body a time of from storing, and a time for cleanup.
If you didn’t start your fast, try a master cleanse, or try the 3 S Diet, at least do something to get out from what ever you are in, and give yourself a chance to get better and feel better, and remember time goes fast spend it wisely.


Today is day 38, i am proudly saying, my husband has won this challenge, a couple more days and this journey will be over, what a ride?
For all of you out there still waiting to make a change, and to say enough is enough, you can do it to, don’t waste anymore time, don’t wait until your body completely falls a part, then it will be even harder to change, do it now, at least do something, and remember my husband did it and so can you.


Day 37 today, 3 more days to go. My husband is counting the days, and can’t wait to be done with this.
Nothing special to report, he feels good physically, but exhausted mentally.
You have to admit that, forbidding yourself for something as essential and as comforting as food is probably the most extreme sacrifice that one of us can do to be healthy, the strength needed to accomplish that exceeds any known challenges. 
Food is the ultimate source of survival, we eat when we are hungry, we eat when we are stressed, we eat eat when we are depressed, and we eat when we are happy. Our lives are surrounded by food, even the daily schedules are planned around eating times, we eat when we are lonely, we eat in gatherings, and all occasions are filled with food, so how can a person stop eating completely for 40 days? the answer is, if you are determined and convinced that it is the best thing to do to get your life back, yes you can.


4 days to go, and my husband will be able to enjoy something else then water.
Let’s talk about you for a change, how are you ?, Did you make any adjustments concerning your diet? Are you eating healthy? , Did you do a master cleanse yet? , Are you considering a water fast?, Or at least a 3 S Diet ? Was my blog helpful ? Did you find any interesting tips? 
Who ever you are? let me know if there is any additions or changes or questions that i didn’t answer, and help me help you get back on track and feel young again.
Ask your question, i am hear to answer, and i am hear to help.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 the countdown is closer to the end, my husband is very excited, and very proud.
In few days, he will start introducing food, at first only juices and soup and then slowly more complex food will be added, meats will come last.
Remember what we talked about, eating healthy from now on, is the key to stay away from diseases, and be in a good shape.
I found a site that gives you a listing of the health stores and organic stores in your area, check it out , that store should become your number one store, no more cheap junk for you or your family, your health is priceless, don’t poison it anymore. The website is
Eat healthy, live happy. That is our slogan from now on, right?


Today is day 34 in my husband’s water fast marathon, he feels great, but misses food tremendously.
He is active, alert, and has more energy then before. We are hopping that the next few days will be as easy as today.
He did the Salt Water Flush again today, still cleansing and still evacuating toxins.
We are looking forwards to the 40th day, how about you?


Only 7 days to go, and this journey will be over.
These last 33 days were full of downs, but just few ups. My husband’s experience during the Water Fast was tough and enduring, he struggled with fatigue and weakness, he had to do a Salt Water Flush from time to time to help evacuate what his body had accumulated during the healing process. Now few days away from the deadline all his goals look like achieved, and best of all he showed a lot of courage, patience and dedication, to go trough such a difficult experience without quitting.
For all of you that are still thinking that a 40 days Water Fast is extreme and impossible to do, think twice because now you have lived with us day by day until day 33, so may be you can do it to.


Day 32, another tough day, 8 long days to go.
It is becoming very difficult to not think about food, my husband can’t take it any longer, he misses food beyond description, and can’t wait to enjoy one of my specialties.
I have an advice for everybody, no matter who you are , how you are, what you have or not have, and no matter what your complains are, be happy with what God gave you, it is important that you re-conciliate with your self, being sick or overweight is most of the time complicated with stress and low self esteem, don’t be mad at yourself, react by taking matters into you own hands and getting back in shape, that is a positive anger, an effective anger. Try to hang on to the good things in your life, be healthy for yourself and your family, do a Master Cleanse, a Water fast , or a 3 S Diet, make the necessary changes to feel better, and feel young again.


How about that ? the deadline is March 12, my husband can’t wait for this to be over, and now that we are really counting the days, they seam getting longer and longer every day.
Remember what was his goal at the beginning of this journey?
-Lose 70 pounds.
-Heal Eczema/Psoriasis
-Recover mobility and significantly reduce his back pain.
So far this is what happened:
-He lost 50 pounds.
-His eczema/psoriasis is almost healed.
-His back pain is present from time to time not constant anymore and minor.
The results few days away from 40 days are more then satisfying, my husband is very happy with what he accomplished so far and can’t wait to enjoy a good homemade meal.