The Journey


30 days of water fast, 30 days without any food, nothing but water, most people will say that it is crazy risky and completely suicidal to stay without food even for few days, you now what i respond to that , ignorance, people talk without knowledge, what can actually save your live is qualified as deadly, my husband stayed without food for 30 days now and still 10 days to go, and we are sharing with you his daily experience to prove that 40 days of water fast is the best thing you can do to feel young again.
Today is a regular day, no complains, he is looking forward to start eating again.


Today is a regular day, my husband is getting closer and closer to achieve something unusual, brave and impossible to do for most of us.
One thing is certain, he will probably never do this again, so the trick after all this is over, is to ovoid all the mistakes that we all do, stay away from the unhealthy lifestyle that pushed him to forbid himself from one of our lives most precious pleasers, food.
The key to have a healthy body is moderation, if you abuse it you will loose it, for example, if you overload on hyperglycemic foods you will get diabetes, our bodies are designed to work with limits, don’t overuse your body, you will damage it, and you will have to live on permanent restrictions, witch is a lot more difficult then moderation.
Take care of your body, it is yours after all, it is not somebody else’s.


Day 28 still tired, weak, and beat up. My husband is dealing with his fast one day at a time, but can’t wait to feel better.
The positive news today was his weight, he is at 207 pounds, 47 pounds lighter then when he first started 1 1/2 month ago.
He fasted the whole month of February, you will feel tired just by thinking about it, right? I have to admit it is quit an achievement. Let ‘s hope that he will hold on until the end.


Day 27 in the water fast. You know what is crazy? the days are flying, it is been a tough, challenging, hard and painful experience for my husband, but it is going fast enough, we can’t believe he is few days away from reaching a goal that looked impossible at the beginning, and now he is getting closer to the end.
Today was a regular day, no special complains, but we are hopping for better days.


Day 26 today, still feeling weak and beat up. My husband did a Salt Water Flush again today, he is still loaded with toxins.
It is scary to see that after 16 days of Master cleanse and 26 days of Water Fast , he his still evacuating toxins and feeling tired.
After going trough this, one thing is certain, it was hard but necessary, we just can’t imagine what kind of diseases he could have had, if he stayed overweight and stuffed with toxins and God knows what else.


Day 25th, tough, very tough day, my husband is getting desperate, he is still in the down phase of the water fast, every day, he hopes to feel better and have a good day, it seams that he won’t get to the up phase of this challenging fast.
Besides feeling tired, beat up and weak , he has no other complains, like that is not too much already.
The countdown to day 40 is getting closer , i can’t wait to see him reach it.


Day 24 still doing the Water Fast.
Just to remind you of what my husband is doing, he is in day 24 of the water fast, the usual now is a salt Water Flush first thing in the morning if he feels weak and looks grey, he drinks plenty of water , one liter of it is Alkaline Water, and Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tea spoons in a glass of water once a day, just because he doesn’t tolerate the taste anymore, but normally he should be taking it 3 times a day.
His biggest complain is, he misses food, he feels like the days are too long and that he can’t take it anymore, but he finds a way to get back in track and goes on with his day. He is pretty active, busy all day, but he feels exhausted at the end of the day.
He is still going trough the healing crisis, he has mood swings, he has skin eruptions and boils, he is dizzy sometimes, he has insomnia, he has frequent urinations, and extreme fatigue sometimes.
All that is expected and possibly more, looking forward to the end of this.


Another exhausting day, my husband is tired beyond description, but he is sticking wit the Water Fast, i am very proud of him, i don’t think i can do this my self.
23 days without food plus 16 days of Master Cleanse, this challenge started on January 14th, and today only 16 days to the deadline, we are looking forward to that.
He did the Salt Water Flush again today, still evacuating toxins, his energy level still not that high but he is active. Other then that no complains.


Day 22 in the Water Fast.
My husband was feeling weak and tired today, he had to do a Salt Water Flush to evacuate toxins and to feel better.
The good news are, he weighed himself today, and the weight was 214 pounds, witch means he lost 40 pounds so far and that is impressive.
He can’t wait to reach the 40 days, and finally enjoy a good meal.


Today is day 21 in the Water Fast, according to an extensive research, starting day 21 the brain’s functions get optimized. My husband is looking forward to see the real positive effects of the Water Fast, and to feel as good as new.
No complains today but he really really misses food.