Melting Fat

My Secret Ingredient

As i already discussed , the 3 S Diet is simply a healthy balanced diet that involves healthy rich ingredients and a positive attitude.
-Shake for breakfast,
-Salad at lunch,
-Soup for dinner.
But my secret ingredient is what made me lose weight faster, heal and feel great.
It is Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic and Raw, this powerful and yet simple liquid has countless benefits, no matter what your health issue is, Apple Cider Vinegar can help you heal it and even cure it.
There is a post about Apple Cider Vinegar in my blog, under what is good for you, check it out it is worth reading. Just as a reminder of what can Apple Cider Vinegar do for you during a weight loss diet, here is some of its benefits:
-Helps excrete fats and cholesterol instead of being absorbed = Lowers Cholesterol.
-Assist your body by having regular bowel movements and proper elimination = Avoids Constipation.
-Controls blood glucose levels = Helps with Diabetes and Avoids you getting it.
-Detoxifies and cleanse the liver (tired liver can lead to depression) = Fights depression.
-Helps you get more energy and vitality = Heals chronic fatigue.
-Provides you with a good night sleep = Fights insomnia.
-Helps with an effective and efficient metabolism = Helps you reach and ideal weight.
-Makes the body burns calories better and reduces the appetite = Achieves weight loss.
Isn’t that amazing? by taking 2 teaspoons of Apple cider Vinegar ( mixed in a big glass of water) 3 times a day, you can control your appetite, burn fat , and feel great.
Losing weight is easy , you just have to do it right, and stick with it. Have you started already? if not, join us and  leave the weight behind.