Colon Cleanse

Colon cleansing is a cleansing designed to clear the colon wall from all the buildups occured after a long period of unhealthy diet or even after an unbalanced healthy diet. Usually a colon cleanse is done for a long periode of time 21 days more or less depending on the type of colon cleanse, the person will be on a regular diet no fasting involved. The easier the cleansing is the less results will be seen at the end .The master cleanse can be considered in part a colon cleanse, and is more effective then a regular colon cleanse, because the digestive system is at rest.The water fast is by far the best colon cleanse, but the most difficult way too.Most of the time during and after a colon cleanse people notice some weight loss, especially the ones that are by nature constipated. Try a colon cleanse you will be happy you did.

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