Day 12

Today is a big day, phase 3 of the MASTER CLEANSE.
My husband is very happy to drink something else than the Lemon mix, a freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with water tasted better then ever.
His rash is fading away, his neck is back to normal, and he feels great.
He weighed himself today , and guess what, he is at 239 pounds, 15 pounds less then when he started 12 days ago.
His overall experience so far was better then he hoped for, the hardest part of the cleansing was the SALT WATER FLUSH in the morning.
Now he is going off the Lemon fast, the protocol is listed under “back to food” label, check it out.
The one thing that he will keep doing is the Apple Cider Vinegar Mix.
Time goes extremely fast , don’t wait anymore, start the cleansing , it will be over before you know it.

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