Day 14

Today is day 3 in phase 3 of the Master Cleanse.
Everything is going well, my husband was glad to eat today, it is been 14 days since his last meal.
In the morning he had the freshly squeezed Orange Juice, at noon vegetable broth and a good hardy soup at night. He also had the Apple Cider Vinegar mix 3 times today.
The funny part about us human beings, once we are deprived from something , we appreciate it a lot more, usually soup is not my husband’s favorite dish, specially vegetable soup, but yesterday when he had the broth only the soup looked appetizing, and today he ate the soup we so much appetite saying that it was the best soup he ever had, i will post the recipe later.
Other then that he feels great , he even mentioned toady that since he started the cleansing he never felt hungry, and that means that he is not addicted to junk food anymore.
Only two days left in the Master Cleanse, did you start yours yet?, if not, what are you waiting for?

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