Day 24 still doing the Water Fast.
Just to remind you of what my husband is doing, he is in day 24 of the water fast, the usual now is a salt Water Flush first thing in the morning if he feels weak and looks grey, he drinks plenty of water , one liter of it is Alkaline Water, and Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tea spoons in a glass of water once a day, just because he doesn’t tolerate the taste anymore, but normally he should be taking it 3 times a day.
His biggest complain is, he misses food, he feels like the days are too long and that he can’t take it anymore, but he finds a way to get back in track and goes on with his day. He is pretty active, busy all day, but he feels exhausted at the end of the day.
He is still going trough the healing crisis, he has mood swings, he has skin eruptions and boils, he is dizzy sometimes, he has insomnia, he has frequent urinations, and extreme fatigue sometimes.
All that is expected and possibly more, looking forward to the end of this.

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