Day 32, another tough day, 8 long days to go.
It is becoming very difficult to not think about food, my husband can’t take it any longer, he misses food beyond description, and can’t wait to enjoy one of my specialties.
I have an advice for everybody, no matter who you are , how you are, what you have or not have, and no matter what your complains are, be happy with what God gave you, it is important that you re-conciliate with your self, being sick or overweight is most of the time complicated with stress and low self esteem, don’t be mad at yourself, react by taking matters into you own hands and getting back in shape, that is a positive anger, an effective anger. Try to hang on to the good things in your life, be healthy for yourself and your family, do a Master Cleanse, a Water fast , or a 3 S Diet, make the necessary changes to feel better, and feel young again.

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