Day 37 today, 3 more days to go. My husband is counting the days, and can’t wait to be done with this.
Nothing special to report, he feels good physically, but exhausted mentally.
You have to admit that, forbidding yourself for something as essential and as comforting as food is probably the most extreme sacrifice that one of us can do to be healthy, the strength needed to accomplish that exceeds any known challenges. 
Food is the ultimate source of survival, we eat when we are hungry, we eat when we are stressed, we eat eat when we are depressed, and we eat when we are happy. Our lives are surrounded by food, even the daily schedules are planned around eating times, we eat when we are lonely, we eat in gatherings, and all occasions are filled with food, so how can a person stop eating completely for 40 days? the answer is, if you are determined and convinced that it is the best thing to do to get your life back, yes you can.

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