40 days of water fast are over, what an achievement.
Back on January 14th my husband was overweight, lived with constant back pain and limited mobility, and had a severe untreatable psoriasis/eczema in both his hands and feet. He had other complains that we didn’t even consider, like short breath, excessive sweating even when immobile, he had a weak voice and used to choke when swallowing, he had boils specially on his back,  most of his joints were painful, and he used to snore loud enough to keep our newborn awake. He also used to complain about a sharp pain when taking a full breath, and he had chest pain from time to time. He had a severe allergy, and used to catch a cold just by changing his sweaty shirt.
Today March 12, less then 2 months from the day he started this journey, my husband is a completely different man, his goals were to lose weight, recover his mobility and get his psoriasis/eczema under control.
Here are the results:
-Today he weighs 201 pounds, he lost 53 pounds.
-His mobility is back to normal, just a little bit of discomfort in his back.
-His psoriasis/eczema looks like almost cured.
-and as a bonus all the other complains that i mentioned earlier disappeared like magic.
If i had to describe the results in a couple of words, i will say my husband’s experience was a TOTAL SUCCESS.
What is amazing too, is while he was doing the cleansing and the water fast, we all benefited from this experience, we eat healthier, we have more energy, and we feel great.
Now it is your turn, leave disease and weight behind, shape up and enjoy your life, do a Master Cleanse, do a Water Fast, or do a 3S Diet, feeling young again is just a few days away from now, don’t wait any longer, good luck.

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