Day 5 Master Cleanse

Today is day 5, doing a Master Cleanse has been an interesting experience, i am actually doing it with my husband, he is the guy who did 40 days Water Fast after Two weeks Master Cleanse. He is the only person i know that was able to accomplish the toughest challenge anybody can handle to feel young again. Doing a Master Cleanse again is a piece of Cake for him, i am the one who is having a tough time, he is laughing at me. I was the one who did the research, i was the one who pushed him day after day until he reached day 40 of the Water Fast, and now i am not that strong anymore. To talk about my personal experience with the Master Cleanse, one word “yack” that salt first thing in the morning is going to make me quit very soon, it is making me sick, it is the most challenging thing for me, i totally hate it, for my husband it is as easy as drinking something warm. The other thing that i am having trouble with is drinking the quantity required, but i can still overcome it. That being said, try a Master Cleanse and live the experience for yourself , one thing is certain it is worth the effort.

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