Day 7 Master Cleanse

Yesterday was Day 7 in the Master Cleanse, i am taking a 3 day break, and i will start hopefully again on Monday October 11.

My personal experience with the Master Cleanse was let’s say “good”. As i mentioned on my previous post, the Salt mix first thing in the morning was harsh and difficult to do, BUT worth it.

Let me remind you of the importance of flushing out the toxins every morning during a Master Cleanse. Taking the Lemon mix helps you cleanse your organs and basically your cells, and all toxins will have to be evacuated major-ally through your colon. Because you are not allowed to eat or drink any other food you digestive system will be at rest, and that means you will not empty you colon unless you do a salt water flush. The scary part of not evacuating your toxins is their accumulation in your colon will transfer them into your bloodstream, and that through the tiny vessels in your colon wall, and that will make you extremely sick and highly toxic. That being said, stick to the protocol and you will see results.

As of my results after 7 days of master cleanse, i have more energy, i lost 4 pounds out of the 10 that i needed to loose, and i just feel great to the point of wanting to do more Master Cleanse in the next few days.

So for all of you out there, still doubting of the power of a Master Cleanse, try it for yourself, you won’t regret it.

Until next time, take care of your body.

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