You know , what is really killing us ? Progress.
Every time somebody comes up with a time saving practical machine, he puts our health in danger.
Cooking methods that kill:
-Cooking in aluminum cookware.
-Cooking with microwave oven.
-Cooking on electric stove  (use gas or wood -burning stove).
-Cooking in Teflon, Tefal, Non stick  cookware.
Unfortunately, we all use these methods, and it will be hard changing our habits right away. I read somewhere that, if a bird happen to fly on top of a hot non stick cookware, he will fall and die, can you imagine that ? The problem is we breath and eat those toxins all the time and nothing happen right, that is why we don’t realize how dangerous they are.  Remember we are still getting hurt, and GOD knows what is really going on inside of us.

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