Eat Right Feel Great

The 3 S Diet is not just a weight loss program, but also a diet designed to help you feel young again.
By changing the way you eat, being aware of what is good for you and what is bad for you, curing yourself from all food addictions, and giving you body a chance to recover from years of abuse, you will not only get back in shape but you will also avoid a lot of potential diseases caused by malnutrition, toxins and excess weight.
Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive or unappealing, eating healthy is quite the opposite, by being selective, you actually eat less and save on quantity to add on quality, you will just use the same budget but the right way. Try it and go to your usual supermarket, you will actually spend less because you will not spend money on junk, and the usual supermarket has mostly junk, so instead of spending a load of money on things that make you feel hopeless, plus things that you have to eat on the side to convince yourself that you are doing the right thing, you will only spend your money on things that are really good for you eliminating the expenses to buy what is actually killing you slowly.
Healthy food is by definition tastier, because it is the real food no poisons added no processing and no faking, it is the real deal. Healthy food is satisfying, so you don’t have to keep eating to feel satisfied, you don’t keep thinking about food because it is not addictive, and you only eat when you are hungry, and by doing that you eat less.
Have you ever eaten a fast food burger after it was cold? it is disgusting, isn’t it?. Don’t you thing that if it is  that bad cold , when it was warm it was good just by illusion, just because you are addicted to what ever poison they put in it, just to make you eat more and more all the time?
A healthy food is good cooked or raw, cold or warm, because it is made from real natural ingredients, and is not intended to make you dependent or addicted.
So what do you think? healthy is better, right?

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