Garlic doesn’t only make food taste better, it is an essential part of a healthy diet. The trick is, to eat it RAW , you can still use it when cooking, but for it is ultimate health benefits eat it RAW.
I know it is unpleasant to eat garlic specially raw, but if you think about it as a good way to stay healthy, it will make the after taste worth it.
I made a salad dressing the other day, if you blend salt garlic cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar , drizzle the olive oil until you have a vinaigrette, you will end up with a unique healthy dressing that has plenty of garlic but without the bad taste. This serving of dressing will probably save you from cancer because cooking garlic kills it’s anti-tumor properties.
For garlic benefits, read about this unique vegetable that make food taste so good here a link about GARLIC.

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