Acne is the most common skin problem that people of all ages suffer from, but mostly young adults between 15 and 25 years old.
Unfortunately the real affect of acne is the skin damage the scars, so taking care of acne doesn’t only involve getting rid of it for few day but forgetting about it once and for all.
To do that, here are the basic rule that i came up with after my research:
-Your skin reflects what you eat. So rule number one is have a healthy diet.
Your biggest enemy is SUGAR, and by sugar i mean anything that is sweet, my exceptions are raw organic honey, organic maple syrup, and the naturally sweet fruits, dry fruits, and vegetables. and a big NO to refined sugar. Sugar it self organic or not is just a poison.
Then comes all the caned boxed and packages food that contain an enormous number of additives, and food preservatives that destroy your skin and make it look older.
-The product you use for acne treatment, if you are using medications or the ones made from chemicals that actually burn your skin and damage it even more making it impossible to heel, you are just making things worse.
-Dehydration, we all thing that we drink enough during the day and if we do we don’t actually drink water, so as a result your skin get dehydrated and then damaged.
-Make up, you know if you think about make up, it is just a mask that you actually wear to hide your imperfections, witch make your skin get worse and worse because it can’t breath, the real solution will be to take care of those imperfections instead of hiding them, because one day you won’t be able to hide them anymore.
So if you want to wake up one day acne free, here is a the perfect recipe that will make you forget you have ever had acne but the trick is do it now before the scares settles in.
-Healthy diet, organic is the way to go, no junk food what so ever, no sugar or sweets of any unhealthy kind, stay away from man made dairy products and anything that has white flour, and few words here are the Foods to avoid: deep fat fried foods; refined starch and sugar; hydrogenated fats; cooked fatty meats, especially hamburgers on white buns; hot peppers; chocolate.
-Apple Cider vinegar: 1 table spoon with one table spoon of honey everything ORGANIC of course in warm to hot water at least twice a day.
-These juices can treat acne and boils (
Wheat germ oil: rich in inositol, which enhances metabolism of fats, thereby reducing excretory burden on skin; contains pyridoxine, which enhances peristalsis and thus improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients and elimination of wastes; 1-2 tsp. daily, after meals; may also be rubbed directly onto skin eruptions.
. Wheat germ: same benefits as wheat germ oil, but less concentrated; also rich in silicon, which builds strong fingernails and healthy hair.
. Cucumbers (bulk or juice): raw cucumbers are rich in potassium, sodium and phosphorus, which neutralize blood acidosis; potent diuretic properties, which facilitate excretion of wastes through kidneys, so that they need not be purged through skin; also good for nails and hair; in raw bulk, or as juice, mixed 1/3 cucumber to 2/3 carrot, 2-3 pints daily.
. Garlic: purifies the bloodstream and purges body of toxic wastes; garlic ethers reach the skin soon after consumption, killing bacteria attracted to festering eruptions; must be taken raw.
. Green (sweet) pepper juice: in combination with equal parts carrot juice; 1-2 pints daily.
. Other beneficial foods: active yeast (in warm water); soy beans; fresh lemon juice (no sugar); alfalfa tea; raw potato slices rubbed directly on skin eruptions and raw potato juice (1/2 pint daily)
-Use healthy natural facial products for cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
-For acne treatment there is an acne gel that doesn’t burn or has to be washed at sunrise and is 100% healthy,¬†Sweet Black Seed (see the link above the labels on the top left hand side of this page)
-You can still use make up but if you do use the natural healthy expensive brands, not the famous toxics ones.
-And last but not least, drink a lot of water, filtered water.
I hope these tips have been helpful, take care of you acne before it scares you for life.

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