Did you ever look at food and say, is it good for me? Guess what? you should. As someone once said: “you are what you eat”, so check out what you eat, because it does matter.
When my research started, i was only concerned about my husband’s health, but as i began to read about food, the source of the food, and the risks of each food, i came to think that , no matter who you are , or how you feel, you should be-aware that, if you don’t know what you are eating, it is just a matter of time before your body starts falling a part on you. So the sooner you consider updating your way of life and specially your diet , the better it is for you.
To help you get a head start, and learn what should your diet be , here is a link about DIETARY GUIDELINES.
Read about it, it is quit interesting, the general idea is, stay away from packaged processed and preserved food, in two words junk food, and remember anything that is man made is not good for you.

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