Healthy Satisfying Lunch

At lunch time everyone of us looks forward to a have a good meal, but good doesn’t mean unhealthy quiet the opposite, a good meal has to be healthy rich and satisfying.
Just be honest, how do you feel after eating an unhealthy meal? let me describe how you feel. When you first start, you eat with a lot of appetite, you feel like you needed that, like your body was missing something, that is the description of addiction. Then towards the end the food doesn’t taste as good anymore, too strong and heavy but you can’t stop , something inside of you pushes you to finish it, that is addiction as well. When you are done, you feel bloated, the feeling of an upcoming heartburn, and you feel sad because of two reason, a part of you is missing that food already and an other part of you regret eating it.
In few word, it is an experience that you regret but you can’t wait to repeat.
Isn’t it dramatic that we end up being this way, a meal is supposed to bring us comfort, give us energy and make us feel great, not the opposite.
Witch brings us to what i recommend for Lunch during the 3 S Diet: Salad, the second S, a rich satisfying healthy salad, a mix of greens, vegetables, may be even fruits, nuts, seeds, and protein.
I can guaranty you that you will feel full, satisfied and energized, no addiction and no feeling of guilt, but the perfect meal for anybody to enjoy.
I posted a recipe a while ago, try it, it has the perfect dressing for weight loss and best of all it taste great.

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