Why are we getting sick?
Why do we feel tired all the tired?
Why all these new diseases?
The cause is, the FOOD INDUSTRY. They are making money by making us sick. Surprised ? Chocked? Here is how.
First they invented Advertising, to make people by things that they don’t even want.
They invented hormones and pesticides to make the food grow faster, bigger and at any season.
They invented food additives, like the good old MSG.
And when people started complaining about their weight, they invented diet, light and zero fat zero calorie foods.
Once the weight became a real issue, they invented weight loss programs, weight loss food, and my favorite WEIGHT LOSS PILLS.
But the money they are making is not enough, they knew that by eating this unhealthy, unnatural food we will get sick, so they went ahead and bought pharmaceutical company’s stock market. Now they are involved in making the food that make us sick and the drugs that make us even more sick.
And best of all, you know why we can’t quit eating food that we know is not good for us? it is because they made sure they added addictive substances in it to make us permanent customers.
Don’t forget being healthy and eating healthy , will make them go bankrupt, wouldn’t that be great?
So do you want to be back in charge of your life and your health , or you want to be a money making machine for others.
It is pay back time, don’t you think? let’s make them stop harming us.

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