High hopes

My husband has tried the master cleanse more then once, he did the 40 day water fast, but never tried the cleansing weight loss diet.

I have tried the master cleanse once and the 3sdiet, but i never tried the water fast.

Our goals are to get back in our twenty’s shape, not only lose weight that is why we should do a water fast for healing purposes.

My husband at 20 years old, was a big athlete, he played every sport out there and was as healthy as it gets. He had a six pack abdomen, weighed 180 pounds and didn’t have any health issues.

At 20 years old, i was the same person i am today but without the damages caused by three pregnancies and a lot of lack of sleep. I weighed 128 pounds.

Today we need to lose weight and heal the damages caused by  15 years of abuse for me and 18 years for my husband.

And this time, we are not going to quit until we feel 20 years old again, we hope so anyway.

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