ENEMA is the first thing that you should do, it will give you a head start for the MASTER CLEANSE.
The process is easy, we are doing a BASIC COFFEE ENEMA.
You will need:
-ENEMA kit,
-2 tablespoons of ORGANIC COFFEE,
-a little over 1 liter (1 quart) of CLEAN WATER.
If you have any preexistent condition let your Doctor know before you do ENEMA.
Here is a link that explains in detail all about ENEMA .
My husband did ENEMA on Day 1, he had HERBAL CLEANSING TEA the night before witch made the ENEMA procedure easier.
To have a successful ENEMA you have to hold two cups of the COFFEE MIX for 15 min TWICE.
He was able to do it with no incidents, and he was surprised with a 3 pounds instant weight loss.
Good luck with yours.

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