This is the cleansing that we will start this journey with.
This is what we chose to start with, to get his body ready for the 40 days water fast.
Sound scary, but think about it, in less than two months, “GOD willing إن شاء الله   “you will get rid of all the health issues that you dragged with you, all your life.
The MASTER CLEANSE is simply made of three things:
– SALT WATER FLUSH upon arising in the morning (2 tea spoons of sea salt in a 500 cc of Pure Warm Water)
– LEMONADE MIX six 1/2 liters (16 oz glass) a day.
– and HERBAL CLEANSING TEA at bed time.
This link has all the details concerning the LEMON CLEANSE
The LEMONADE MIX is made of:
-500 cc of PURE WATER,
-2 table spoons of ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP GRADE B,
-1 table spoon of BENTONITE a day ( in one lemon mix only, my husband couldn’t handle it so we decided to do 1 table spoon of Bentonite in a little bit of warm water at night)
-a pinch of CAYENNE PEPPER (use with caution)
The taste is not pleasant, you will have to drink it freshly made, you will get use to it eventually, just remember this is a cleansing process, no foods or drinks are allowed during this period (we are going for 10 days lemon fast).
After the 10 days LEMON CLEANSE, you will proceed with 5 days of reintroducing food ” going off the LEMON FAST”.

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