Menopause is every women’s nightmare. But why?

Let us explore what menopause is.

A woman’s ovule’s (the female’s part that once inseminated will form the egg) capital is determined while she is still a fetus in her mom’s womb, during the chock caused by the delivery each baby girl will loose a certain amount of ovules, and once she reaches puberty, she will start maturing ovules every month until her preexistent ovule stock is depleted, and that is when she reaches menopause.

It is unknown when exactly each woman will reach menopause, but according to statistics now days between 40 and 50 years old.

There is three parameters that influence directly the age of menopause, you have the ovule’s capital at birth, the age of puberty, and the number of pregnancies. The first two are set, so what really affected the age of menopause now days is, no or fewer pregnancies comparing to before birth control invaded women’s lives.

There is other things that influence the age of menopause, like hormonal imbalance, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, breast-feeding, and methods of contraception.

To push away the age of menopause, cleansing is one of the tools you can use to do that. Doing a master cleanse will regulate your periods, it will help you cary a more effective ovulation and that by adjusting your hormones, because the build up toxins in your body interferes with your hormones and damages your ovules stock. Cleansing will help you with weight loss as well, fat cells produce male hormones and that will damage your ovaries, so being on a healthy balanced diet is important to keep your female hormones functional.

Exercise is important, women that exercise regularly will have an easy transition to menopause some of them don’t even experience the menopause symptoms.

Once menopause hits, it is important to supplement you body to limit the symptoms and avoid the damages caused by nonfunctional ovaries..

Bottom line, do a master cleanse, be on a healthy diet, exercise, have a lot of babies, and when menopause use healthy supplements.

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