Our goals

Our complains are:

My husband’s:

-He gained back some weight that is why we are doing a cleansing weight loss diet this time, and he never reached 180 pounds, at the end of the 40 days water fast he weighed 201 pounds.

Now he weights 153 pounds, yes if you go back to your old habits after water fast or master cleanse you will start gaining weight again.

-Get rid of his eczema-psoriais that came back too when he went back eating not really healthy food.

-Once the weight came back the back pain came back, and this time he is determined to get rid of it once and for all by reaching 180 pounds.

-Get back in shape, he would love to play sports again, that is his real motivation, be able to play with our boys.

My complains are:

– Lose 12 pounds, today i weigh 140 pounds, and 128 pounds will definitely feel better.

-I have joint pain, that is why i am going to try water fast for healing purposes.

-I need plenty of energy to keep up with my boys, and the 3sdiet is just the perfect thing for that.

These are our goals, join us and sea your dreams become realty.

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