Stop the damage

Being healthy is priceless, but the drama is some people spend money to be unhealthy.

Let’s talk about smoking, we all agree that smoking is bad for you, right. The problem with smoking is once you start it is almost impossible for you to stop and when you actually succeed in quitting the damage is already there. The sad and heart breaking thing is when a person experience complications due to there past smoking. One of them is lung cancer witch is one of the worst cancers, it spreads quickly to other organs and the damages are beyond any recovery. Another usual thing after quitting smoking is obesity, smoking helps with weight loss because it suppresses appetite, but not worth it. There is a lot more side effects to smoking, like vascular damages, skin issues, respiratory infections, bladder cancer, and other horrible possible diseases. And the obvious thing is it is a lot cheaper to be healthy and not smoke then to be unhealthy and smoke.

For both first hand smoker and second hand smoker, Master cleanse or better Water fast can save your life, these types of cleansing will help you unload the build up toxins caused by smoking, and will give you a chance to avoid its complications. For the ones that gained weight after quitting just stick with a healthy diet and with the master cleanse you can achieve weight loss. To help recover from years of smoking herbalife has a variety of products that targets specific organs, and can help you live a healthy lifestyle.

For all of you out there still smoking, you are killing yourself and everyone around you, so stop smoking before it is too late, and do a master cleanse, this may be your last chance.

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