Stop the headaches

Migraines are common now days, do you know why?

Migraine is a neurological disease, caused by damaged neurons in our brain. The damage is caused by multiple factors that when combined will result in what we know as migraines.

Brain damage can start early in life, a long difficult delivery can cause brain damage, vaccinations has been proven to cause more damage then we think, if you have a relative that suffers from migraines, you are more at risk then if you don’t have. Any kind of trauma can cause a brain damage. The more medications you take the more side effects you will accumulate and their combination can be a cause for migraines. Spinal injections (like epidurals) are a direct cause for repetitive headaches that can become migraines.

The more factors you accumulate the more chances you have to suffer from migraines.

There is a way you can limit the damage, and that by doing a cleansing. Master cleanse will help you relieve the neurons from he build up toxins and lower the frequency and the intensity of the migraines. Eating a healthy well balanced diet free from additives and preservatives will help too.

Each one of us can develop migraines, don’t put yourself at risk, do a master cleanse, and enjoy a life without headaches .

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