Targeted nutrition

After a cleansing, following a healthy diet is as important as doing a master cleanse. To recover from years of abuse, you need to follow the cleansing protocol, then build a strong and healthy body. And to do that you need a “targeted nutrition”, eating healthy is the base, but your body will need more then that for a solid rehabilitation. Along with a natural complete multivitamin, you have to listen to your body and look for its weaknesses, you may have to take care of specific needs and get the right supplements for them. You probably have vision problems, or bone loss, or allergies, or digestive problems, or muscle pain, or heart problems, or for women menopause, or for men prostate problems or erectile disfunction, or you need to be on a weight loss diet, or any other health issue that you will need to address specifically and get the right supplements for, to help your body cure itself and function as good as new.

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