Each one of us, had his ups and downs in life, Cleansing your body will limit the number of downs, let me show you how.
Depression, anger, bad mood, chronique fatigue, lack of attention, weak memory, obesity, emotional mess, insomnia, stress, and all kinds of physical diseases are directly related to our lifestyles.
But what are we cleansing?
We are cleansing our cells, not just digestive cells, but all the cells in our body,even brain cells, the longer your Master Cleanse or your Water Fast is , the deeper the cleansing is.
What are we cleansing from?
Toxins, they are the accumulated waste that overloaded our body for years, to get rid of them we need time and patience. Our body is designed to cleanse itself but nowdays toxins are present in almost everything we eat or drink, we absorb them through our skin and inhale them from the air we breath. Medications and vaccins are toxins too, so the more drugs you have taken the more loaded you are.
Doing a Mater Cleanse or better a Water Fast helps the body unload the toxins and recover a proper fonction, it is like a jammed engine once it is cleaned and repeared it runs again as good as new.
Feeling tired all the time is not normal, your body is screaming for help just stop eating and start cleansing and your body will do the rest.

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